National Exhoodus Council,Prisoner Rentry/Gang Prevention

 NATIONAL EXHOODUS COUNCIL INC. is a Philadelphia based non-profit 501(c)3 organization whose main objective is to eliminate the presence of drugs and violence in our youth populations throughout the state and ultimately nationwide. We are committed to equipping our adolescents and young adults with the educational and marketable skills that are necessary to combat the negative influences produced by the impact of drugs and criminal behavior.  
Founded in June 2001 as a grassroots organization dedicated to the eradication of drugs and youth violence in our blighted communities. NATIONAL EXHOODUS COUNCIL INC. has established a visible presence in some of the most ravaged communities in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Through the use of motivational workshops (that confronts gang and youth violence) street rallies and community based seminars (focused on bridging the gap) NATIONAL EXHOODUS COUNCIL INC has been able to reach out to at-risk inner city youths engaged in self-destructive conduct. We have proposed to go directly into those areas that are considered off limits by community residents. This infiltration of "gang territory" is how we will reach our youth and steer them in the right direction. 
By offering mis-directed adolescents and young adults alternatives that are attractive and challenging to their young and impressionable minds, we are ale to circumvent behaviors that are destructive and unravel the communities in which we live. We promote education, skills development and marketable creativity that redirects the misdirected mindset. We also prepare adolescents and young adults for the real-life challenges and responsibilities they will encounter as adults. Future plans to develop programs and projects that will offer stipends as incentives will be implemented as needed. NATIONAL EXHOODUS COUNCIL INC. takes a progressive approach utilizing former gang members and ex-offenders who understand the need for our targeted population to be in a family atmosphere. "We're taking it to the streets and keeping it real 
NATIONAL EXHOODUS COUNCIL INC. mission is to instill positive decision-making skills in adolescents and young adults in an effort to increase their ability to demonstrate responsible behavior. Our program will accomplish its goals & objectives by implementing a comprehensive psycho-social intervention model complete with strategic methods and best practices techniques designed to decrease repetitive "at risk" behavioral patterns.  
To intervene, interrupt and eliminate the detrimental influence caused by teenagers and young adults who promote negative and criminal behavior through peer-pressure and organized gang-recruitment tactics. 
To develop and instill strong disciplined moral standards as well as practical tools and avoidance tactics in school-aged youths in order to increase their ability and desire to withstand the negative advances and recruitment antics of the criminal element. To heighten their awareness and acceptance of the notion that, "If they don't stand for something - they'll fall for anything". 
To implement alternative programs that will alleviate the destructive aspects of "The idle-mind - idle-time" situations that makes the glamorous aspects of criminal activities appear attractive to impressionable youth. 

  • To assist our participants with setting achievable educational and career goals. 
  • To improve the dialogue and relationships between our participants, their parents, school personnel and local law-enforcement entities. 
  • To establish the productive interactions between the broad spectrum of professionals in the entertainment industry and local law-enforcement agencies in order to bridge the gap between today's youth and authoritative figures by eliminating the phobias that youth have towards the establishment and by enhancing effective communications between local law-enforcement agencies and the communities that they are employed to protect and serve. 
  • To insure full parental, police, community, clergy, cleric, educational and corporate involvement in our youth re-directional services as well as monetary support for this program.  
Executive Summary